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Arizona State Fair — Something for Everyone

carnival lights at the fair

Ready to head out from Liv Avenida for the weekend? What better place to go than the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix which is just a short drive from Chandler? Last week we highlighted some of the concerts that will be taking place at the fair this year, and this week we are sharing some of the history behind this epic annual event. 

Arizona State Fair History

The Arizona State Fair has been in existence for over a century. The fairgrounds, established in 1905 house the Veterans Memorial Coliseum which has played host to Elvis, Pope John Paul II, President Obama, and Cher among other celebrities. The focus of the fair, a gathering place for Arizonans from around the state, is a celebration of the diversity found in Arizona. Honoring the past, celebrating what’s happening here and now, and looking forward to the future is all a part of what’s happening. This video provides a quick overview of the history of the Arizona state fair.  

What You Will Find at the Arizona State Fair

In addition to concerts every weekend throughout the month of October, visitors will find wonderful food from a variety of vendors, multiple community stages featuring local talent, and of course competitive opportunities. As the Competitive Entries page of the website notes, “From Chalk Art to Cupcake Decoration Demonstrations, Fine Art Wood Carvings, and the photos of iconic and mesmerizing Arizona landscapes, we bring together the collective creative minds of our community. “ Be sure to visit the livestock exhibitions where you will have the opportunity to see goats, poultry, pigeons, rabbits, cattle, sheep, and swine.

At the other end of the spectrum, among the featured attractions of the fair are PC Gaming World, Console Gaming World, and VR world. Choose your favorite avenue to get your game on.  There will be a Retro Arcade available, and get excited to attend the Grandstand Series of Monster Truck competition. Don’t forget to plan time for the carnival! 

For answers about your pressing fair-related questions, check out the Arizona State Fair FAQ. It covers everything from the Code of Conduct to Lost and Found to Guest Services. Have a great time!

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