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Black Friday Shopping


After your Thanksgiving feast and family fun, it’s time to get serious. Black Friday shopping is no joke! If you’re looking to save a ton of money and get some great deals, we know just where to go in Chandler, AZ. Be prepared to fight a few crowds, but save a lot of dollars! If you’re willing to put in some effort, your shopping trip can really pay off.

  • Plan a budget for each person/item and only take cash to help you stick to your budget 

  • Study the ads and make a shopping list; prioritize by status, “must have” for instance, location, and price. 

  • Be flexible. Choose an alternative gift in case you can’t get your first choice. 

  • Plan your route ahead of time so you don’t end up doing a lot of backtracking.

Great deals on highly sought after items save you money if you were going to get it anyway. 

  • Stores offer giveaways in the form of sweepstakes, loyalty points, and the first 100 in the door type prizes. 

  • Electronic deals are everywhere. Deep discounts on the latest models of TVs, computers, phones, and tablets available.

  • You can be a shopping hero, saving money and getting the best deals in town, and perhaps get a big ticket item for your apartment you’ve been eying for months at a substantial discount. 

For a more indepth look at Black Friday shopping tips, we recommend taking some time to go through 25 Secret Black Friday Shopping Tips Revealed from Penny Pinchin Mom; she’s covers the whole gamut. This infographic from Val Pak is helpful if you’re a visual person. It lays out tips for your shopping trip, as well as what time to shop specific stores that day. However you spend your long weekend, we want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving from our Liv Avenida apartment community!

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