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How to Make the Most of Your Storage Space

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Here at Liv Avenida our residents enjoy plenty of storage space in our apartments — but is your storage space  being used to full advantage? Today we have some ideas to help you do just that at your apartment here in Chandler, AZ. Take some time now to get your apartment ready for the holidays by following these tips.  

First, go through your things. 

Storage space is always a helpful amenity, but don’t just shove every extra item you have but you’re not using in there! A more effective tactic for any storage space is to only put things in there that you know you need. Prioritize by putting seldom used items up high or down low, and things you use often in the most accessible storage areas in your apartment.

Take the time now to go through your things to decide what items are necessities in your life, either because they’re useful or sentimental to you. If you don’t have a very strong need for an item but you appreciate the memories associated with it, consider taking a picture of the item so you can give or throw away the actual physical item and free up space.

Create an organization method that works for you.

As with any storage space (like a closet), extra storage space should be easy to navigate so you can access your things when you need or want to. Consider creating a list in a notebook you won’t lose or in your phone of where things are, how they’re sorted, and what boxes specific items are in. You can organize your things according to their corresponding season, similar colors or uses for items, or any other organization method that you can easily remember. Make it easy for you and it’ll be easier to remember later!

Try out furniture storage options.

Sometimes no matter how well we organize or how often we purge, we accumulate things that crowd up our space. Take advantage of the dual-functionality aspect of furniture itself! For example, ottomans that open up are great for storing pillows or blankets that you may use while lounging on the couch. Bookshelves are obviously great for books, but they’re also great for displaying small trinkets or pieces of art. And you can use cabinets, wardrobes, and armoires to store scrapbooks, movies, CDs, or fragile collectibles. These all can free up space and pull the design of your home together nicely.

We hope you enjoy making the most of the storage space available to you here at Liv Avenida, and that you find useful, creative ways to make your space your own. Thanks for reading!

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