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Last-Minute Memorial Day Ideas

a view of the American flag through some fresh blossoms on a flowering tree

Happy Memorial Day from Liv Avenida Blog! We hope you are enjoying the day off from school, work, or whatever other commitments you usually have on a typical Monday. If you don’t already have plans for the holiday today, we’re here to share with you four last-minute activities you can do to make today enjoyable. Try one of these out near your Chandler, AZ apartment sometime before the day is over:

Visit a Cemetery

Do you ever take a trip to a nearby cemetery on Memorial Day to place flags or flowers on the graves of loved ones? If not, consider making it a Memorial Day tradition; you can start this year! If you have any loved ones buried nearby, you can use it as a moment to honor their names by thinking of memories you have about them. If you don’t know anyone buried in a local cemetery, consider going with flowers anyway, and looking for graves that don’t yet have flowers on them. Try to identify a grave of a veteran that hasn’t had any visitors yet, and pay tribute to the service they did for our country by leaving a flower near their headstone.

Pack a Picnic

If you’re looking for a fun way to have lunch today, why not pack a picnic and take it somewhere pretty? You likely eat lunch inside every day, so take advantage of the day off and the warm weather by eating a simple meal you enjoy with people that you love. Make sure to pack some sunscreen, as it might get pretty hot outside. If you find some shade, you might even try taking an afternoon nap in the open air after you finish eating.

Take a Day Trip

If there is a small town outside of Chandler that you’ve been interested in visiting, or if there’s a nearby hike or outdoor sight that you have wanted to check off your list, Memorial Day might be the perfect day to do it! Benefit from the freedoms you have — both because today is a day off, and because of the rights you enjoy as an American — by going somewhere of your choosing on a day you have open. You don’t have to travel very far to have an adventure. Plus, sometimes the most enjoyable experiences are to be had in our own backyard.

Get Ready for Summer

Maybe you’d prefer to spend the day inside today to catch up on organization or cleaning. There are plenty of things you can do inside your apartment to make today worthwhile. Because summer is right around the corner, it’s time to get ready for it! Start by unpacking any summer clothes, beach towels, and pool toys that you may have stored away. To save space, you could use those same boxes to store any winter clothing or decorations that you still have out. If you’d rather take it easy, consider brainstorming a few ideas for a weekend trip you’d like to take later in the summer. Whatever you choose to do to welcome the next season, it will likely get you in the summer spirit.

Thanks for reading our post, and have a happy Memorial Day!

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