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Which Is Healthier Running a 5K or Jogging Around the Block

Which Is Healthier? Running a 5K or Jogging Around the Block?The title of this blog is a bit of a trick question. Whether youre in a 5K or just going for a run around our jogging trail, the health benefits of both come down to how often youre runningand for how long. Recently, a surprising study showed that slower runners actually tended to live longer than both those who didnt exercise and those who were faster. In fact, those who run too fast usually have about the same lifespan as those who went without a weekly run. And while there is still more research to be done, it might be reassuring for those that feel intimidated by strenuous exercise. So while we wait for the results, whats the real takeaway? Its important to pace yourself as you run. If you have your heart set on preparing for your first 5K, remember you can get thereand even participate in the racein a way that doesnt overdo whats really the best for your health. To make sure you pace yourself, youll want to stick to a week-by-week plan that gradually helps you work up to your target distance. Youll also want to make sure you have the following figured out: 1. Know What to Wear Having the right outfit can be a big motivator to help you commit to your 5K goal. Most importantly, make sure you have the right pair of running shoes and comfortable running socks. We recommend going to a specialized running store to find the shoe thats right for your foot. There are also different websites that help you find a more tailored option based on your running experience, previous injuries, and body type. 2. Know How to Run Having the right technique will make sure your run is far less tiring, injury free, and more enjoyable. The first rule of thumb? Make sure your foot doesnt ever strike the ground with your heel or forefoot first. Landing on the middle of your foot is usually the smartest way to avoid unnecessary strain or fatigue. Its also important that your foot isnt landing in front of you. Instead, make sure your feet fall just below your hips as you run. For more tips on improving your form, Runners World and ChiRunning both have comprehensive lists.